Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm back and I'm a super sleuth!

I'm back from vacation rejuvenated and excited for the month ahead.  It's going to be a busy one with Knox's first birthday party, a visit from my family and of course my favorite - HALLOWEEN!

But first, a bit of housekeeping!  I want to thank all of the wonderful guest bloggers that filled in for me last week.  I loved checking in every day and reading your comments to what they came up with.

--Ashley of Meet Me in Philadelphia's post on easy details that can transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary.  

--Danika of Gorgeous Shiny Things's mindblowingly great DIY for using an O'verlays + IKEA Ribba frame to create chic jewelry storage.  I'll be announcing the winner of the O'verlays giveaway at the end of the week.  If you still haven't entered, you can do so here.

--Sarah of Pewter + Sage's detailed study of what stays and what goes in the transformation of her daughter's current nursery to a (maybe someday) baby's boy space.

--Jenn of Arcadian Home's roundup of inspiring laundry room's you'd never want to leave.

-- I'll also be announcing the 3 winners of the ScotchBlue™Painter’s Tape with Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector at the end of the week.  If you still haven't entered, you can do so here.

And speaking of the ScotchBlue™Paint Party that inspired my striped room, I got several emails from reader's asking for a source list for some of the items featured in the original inspiration image - specifically that fantastic rug!  This is one of those images I had saved forever and I knew it was originally from Cookie magazine but I had no idea which issue. 

Lauren of With Two Cats did a fantastic job recreating the look in this post but your emails motivated me to dig through my Cookie archives and track down the original.  Yes, I have a Cookie archive...don't judge.  This is just a few.

After lots of furious page flipping, I found it in the issue with Tori Spelling on the cover.

Talitha Cotton via Madeline Weinrib

The rug is the Talitha Cotton rug by Madeline Weinrib.  Sadly it's nowhere to be found on the site which may mean it's discontinued.  The turquoise version appears to still be available via Lotus Bleu Designs.  If you have your heart set on the indigo/white version in the original image, it might be worth a call to ABC Carpet.  If anyone can track it down for you, they can.

Other items of interest - 
The fabric used on the roman shade is Fokus by Marimekko available here.

The bedding is the 50s birdcage duvet originally from Urban Outfitters, now discontinued.  But I'd set up a search agent on eBay for it...these things always pop up.