Monday, October 3, 2011

Travel Fantasy: Rainbow Village, Taiwan

Bravo! This once sad-looking military dependents' tiny village in Taichung, Taiwan was transformed into a magical little community by a 90 year old man named Mr. Huang Yongfu. In hopes to keep his beloved village from being torn down, he embarked on a project to cover every square inch of each building and street with joyful paintings. Steven who shot those awesome photos said that "the sense of wonder and peacefulness is felt as you wander the tiny streets and the bright lively colours call out to your inner child as you find what appears to be an endless seam of creative whimsical imagery".

Amazing, isn't it? Lovelies, wouldn't it be fun to see this place in person? xo

P.S: Happy first week of October!

(Photos by Steven Barringer via