Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What are your date-night moves?

Loves, do you remember that episode of Friends when Joey wanted to make Rachel feel better about herself and took her out for a real date? While on the date the subject of moves came up. Like the one when Rachel asks guys about their childhood to make them feel super comfortable or when Joey uses a shiny raspberry lip balm to make his lips that much more kissable.

Personally, I don’t remember having any special moves besides making sure that the person next to me feels comfortable and relaxed. For me the whole first-date-thing was more about being attentive yet chilled and getting to know the person than anything else. Most of my dates before Balazs were pretty standard but once I went for a meal with a lovely guy who was so nice that even afterwards when I got home he gave me a quick call to say how much he enjoyed the evening. Sweet, isn’t it? Especially because most guys love sticking to the silly rules of when to call next or not.

But wait, there was also a guy who totally blew it for me. He was so overwhelming with his constant questions that I felt like I’m on a job interview and I didn’t even get a chance to choose my meal because he ordered on my behalf. Too much!

So, how about you, darlings? Do you have any date-night moves? How about your boyfriend/husband, does he have any that you know of? Any fun or dreadful dating experiences you would like to share? xo

P.P.S: One of my favourite telly couples.

(Photos via Sarah Tolzmann)