Monday, March 19, 2012

Mix, Don't Match: Stripes on Dots

When it comes to stripes vs polka dots, it’s impossible to choose sides. Well, they both are super sassy and fun to wear. Stripes can be a bit more edgy while polka dots are more ladylike. The good part is that this season it's all about mixing patterns, so you don’t have to pick just one. Now it's the time to mix them all up!

The look can be tricky and a bit overwhelming but according to Red Mag if you stay away from accessories and add one structure piece - a blazer, pullover or shirt – it will pull the outfit together and make it look grown up.

Loves, will you try this trend? Which team are you on: stripes, dots or maybe a bit of both? xo

P.S: More adorable stripes and the awesome denim & navy twister!

(Photos via/by Mr. Newton, Garance DoréAtlantic-Pacific, This is Glamorous, Running on Happiness, Jillian Wilson, Beth Adolph)