Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Off-Season Holiday

Brittany and her husband Paul love to travel but like most of us, they're not too keen on the huge costs! So, they decided to find the cheapest way to feed their travel-bug. Their solution - travel off-peak time! Brilliant, don’t you think?

They are the first ones to admit that the cold weather can get to you at times, but that is exactly why they made a list full of suggestions that will make even the coldest trips more enjoyable and less painful.  

As for me, I think that is a great compromise for those who love to explore new cities (like Balazs and I)  and are willing to compromise on a few little things, like the cold. (And to be honest most cities are equally or even more beautiful in the snow or rain).

Here are three of Brittany's tips that I bookmarked for myself. They will make the travelling in cold worth-while:

* as travelling in the cooler weather requires a bit more preparation (you don’t want to get lost in the cold street looking for something for hours), you should always make an itinerary and try to plan things close together, so you are outside as little as possible.

* caf├ęs are always your friend. You should map out a few that you like and always keep them in mind for a quick stop to warm up, relax and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

* warm clothes, hand-warmers and tons of layering is a must to spend whole days exploring the new city. In this case it's all about staying warm and not necessarily looking stylish :)

Darlings, would you ever travel in the off-peak season? Did you? Any of you are planning a March trip? What do you think about Brittany's tips? Do you have any that you would like to add to the list?

(Top photo by Vladimir Kostromitsky via Brittany, Paris via Pinterest, NYC by Stefan Georgi via Blog Milk, Berlin by Travel + Leisure, Val di Funes, Italy by Matt Burke via Monica)