Monday, March 26, 2012

The Pyjama Pants: Thumbs up or down?

I recently read that if you’re planning on embracing the relaxed feel this spring/summer it should be with pyjama pants. I have a striped pair that I bought ages ago (way before they were trendy) and they are my favourite summer running-around-the-city pants. They are surely comfy, and when styled right, they can look super snazzy, don't you think?

Here is a tip from Red mag: for a polished look, always wear a pair of wedges with your pyjama pants. Higher the better and they will make your legs look super long as well.

Lovelies, would you try this look? Or you think that pyjamas should not see the daylight? Let’s chat. xo

P.S: If you fancy a pair here are a few that you might like. Did you know that even Hanneli is loving the look?
P.P.S: And the awesome animal instinct trend!

(Photos by/via The Sartorialist, My Fashion Tricks, Vanessa Jackman, Scarf Creative)