Monday, April 23, 2012

Baked Asparagus Fries (oh yea, baby)

Last October my life got super scrumptious with the baked avocado fries, remember them? Since that day I've been on a hunt to try the whole baking ordeal on another of my favourites and here is it: baked take on asparagus. The even cooler part is that Jenny whipped up three mouth-watering sauces to complement the dish. (The roasted garlic and lemon aioli totally tickles my fancy).

Loves, would you try this take on asparagus? (Full recipe here).

P.S: Also, thank you for all the wonderful anniversary wishes. Balazs and I are totally chuffed to have such great people around us. Means the world! xo
P.P.S: And here is another great avocado and asparagus twist.

(Photos by Teri via Sarah)