Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pink Rules!

This morning while waiting for my meeting I noticed that pink seems to be popular this spring. I've already been swooning over the lavender and the blush hue, but after spotting a girl wearing a neon pink blazer with jeans, I got a tickle to give the whole pink-palette a go. (And maybe even be brave enough to get myself a neon pink pair of loafers).

Also, I read that to make your pastel pink pop, you should wear it with a light grey colour to create a very feminine vibe. Sounds good to me!

Loves, do you wear pink? Which shade do you fancy the most? xo

P.S: Also, blue and candy floss take on jeans!
P.P.S: More snazzy spring trends.

(Photos via/by eat.sleep.wear., Emma Robertson, A Merry Mishap, That Kind of Woman, Garance Doré, Jelanié & The Glitter Guide)