Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Outfit Confidential

Since the spring is officially here and the weather is (mostly) splendid, I still can't stop daydreaming about strolling around the city in flowy chiffon dresses like this Chloé that Caroline Sieber wore during the Paris Fashion Week.

Crikey, isn't the colour combination totally breathtaking? Who knew that lavender-pink and navy blue would make such a romantic match. So, if you fancy feeling as snazzy as this cutie this spring, here is how you can get this look without breaking the bank. It seems very comfy as well :)

(Full size image)

The fancy bits:
* A lavender colour midi dress: TopShop, $100 or this one: YesStyle, $32.
* Flap clutch: Lulu Townsend, $35.
* Floppy hat: Miss Selfridge, $16.
* Knit sweater with cable-knit: H&M, $20
* Platform pumps with a bow: DollHouse, $34

Lovelies, would you wear it? xo

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(Photos by Candice Lake & The Sartorialist. Layout of the last image by Ana Degenaar for exPress-o)