Monday, October 10, 2011

5 Inspiring Dresser Makeovers

I am itching to makeover another dresser even though I 1000% don't need another dresser in our house.  This is a problem.  I have more dresser makeover ideas than I have actual dresser needs.  So until I can convince Mr. H+F that it's totally the new home decor trend to stack dressers on top of each other, I will just share 5 dresser transformations that have kicked my right brain into overdrive. 

Paint + Imagination = the cutest campaign dresser I've ever seen!!!
We've all seen countless painted campaign dressers but this rainbow hued one in Joy's nursery has me itching to repaint mine all over again. I can't wait to see this full nursery reveal!

via Oh Joy!

Lots and lots of black & white photos + lots and lots of Modge Podge = a truly one of a kind piece. 
This would be a really fun project for a teen's room.  And we all know any girl between the ages of 12 and 17 currently has enough photos of her and her friends on her phone to cover 20 dressers so that should not be a problem.  See the full tutorial here.

A scroll saw + 2" thick pine planks = unimaginable awesomeness.  This one was created by the brilliant husband and wife team behind WaryMeyers.  Do you own their book Tossed & Found?  You need to.

Paint + Number stencil + rope = Anthropologie on a budget.
Stenciled numbers on furniture seems to be a trend all of a sudden but I love the addition of the rope handles.  Jilly & Mia show you how here.

Adhesive decal + white paint = beautiful reverse wood-grain imagery
Miriam shows you how here.  The possibilities of what you could put on a (mostly) flat-front dresser are endless using this technique. Check out squid viscous.

Have you seen any good dresser makeovers lately?  I must live vicariously.  Help me feed my obsession please.