Saturday, February 4, 2012

Have a sunny weekend's been freezing this week so much so that even my dogs refused long strolls. Normally, that never happens. The plan is to whip up some pasta, brew a whole pot of fruit tea with honey and catch up on Idol. How about you, lovelies? What are your plans for this winter weekend? Wherever your feet take you, make sure to bundle up, so you stay cozy and warm. As always here are a few great links for you to enjoy.

Café au Art!

Giggle, skateboarding bulldog.

Potato chip cookies.

If you're planning a wedding, here is a very cool seating chart idea that will make your life easier.

The coolest mommy bike, ever.

Adorable video!

Awesome - star map, 1940, February.


Smitten with those hand-stitched cards:)

Such a cute little dude.

Polka dots.

Have you ever tasted a piña colada doughnut? It looks pretty yum.


Ultimate chocolate desserts guide. Yum!

And here are three all-about-eggs exPress-o posts you might have missed:
* dippy eggs and soldiers.
* poached egg trick.
* omelette perfection.

Also, HUGE thanks to Ana from Blog Milk Shop for sassing up exPress-o with cool updates (new colour, snazzy fonts & easy-peasy share buttons under each post for your fancy & the long overdue banner tweak)! It was such a pleasure and I hope you, my darlings like the new and improved "dose of exPress-o" as much as I do! Ana, you are a star!

Dears, blowing you all a huge kiss! See you Monday morning. Love. xo

(Photos by Jonathan Duriaux)