Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Impressions. Part two.

Good morning!

It's such a grey day over here in Vienna,which makes me long even more for the past week and the days I spent in the nature. Although I've been acompanied by rain every single day, I couldn't enjoy it more. The smell of wet trees and flowers, the chilly wind on my cheeks... Ah, it's so different from rainy days in the city, where you're only surrounded by grey buildings and sad faces... Fortunately, I'm going back to the country-side again in May, and I truly cannot wait! Enjoy the photos. :)

Nature in its full beauty.

Secret path.

Another secret path.

Listen to each drop of rain...

Little friends who blocked everything on our way to the hills.

Again, Fido, the dog.

Easter eggs.

Auntie's veggies garden.

I'll wait for you there.

Happy Wednesday! See you soon.

Love, Aleksandra.