Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things you should know about Vol. 2

You guys seemed to enjoy my last stream-of-consciousness "things you should know about" post so I'm back today with a second installment.  No rhyme or reason really...just stuff I've come across that I want to share.

Have you seen the newest campaign style furniture at World Market?  No it doesn't have the fancy brass pulls we all love but there are some sexy x-legs.  I particularly like this robin's egg beauty.  It's a like Parsons Desk meets campaign with its high gloss finish.  And only $200!!!



A perfectly proportioned corner changing table for those nurseries that are more nook than room.  This is so smart.


I'm always looking for ways to free up drawer space in the kitchen and currently one entire drawer is a zip lock/aluminum foil/plastic wrap jungle.  This little contraption only needs 5 1/4" of clearance and could easy be tucked into a cabinet above some juice glasses.  $9.71 and I've just reclaimed a full drawer of valuable kitchen real estate.  LOVE THAT!

Just the cutest hooded towels I've ever seen.  A viking hat with braids?!  Ridiculous cuteness. 


Indian Headress Hooded Towel

There's a whole bunch of new stuff at IKEA worth knowing about.  Rejoice IKEA Expedit fans!  The famous storage powerhouse now comes in high gloss gray and red.


Cribs are back at IKEA (they were recalled for a bit) and this new SUNKVIK in a pretty gray-brown is sure to show up in lots of modern, neutral nurseries.  For $119, you can't beat it!


Remember this post on kitchen utensil organization?  It featured this lovely image using what I'm sure are vintage ironstone pitchers ($$$) to corral various items. 

In lieu of a vintage ironstone pitcher collection, the rest of us can use these Sockerart white pitchers from IKEA.  They come in three sizes (6", 8.75", 12") and range in price from $7.99 to $19.99.  That's much more my speed!


Must remember this the next time I'm throwing a party.  Clear balloons, sprinkle some confetti inside, fill with helium. Takes balloons to a whole new level don't ya think?

Can't quite bring yourself to go bold with a dresser paint job?  Try this instead.  Just a peak of fun!


Should I keep doing these stream of consciousness style posts every so often or are they too much randomness crammed into one post?